This is one of the easiest tricks in my preserving tool box. It’s a strategy that my family learned from our neighbours when I was in high school and I am still delighted by the fabulous simplicity and usefulness of the results. Your Corona’s never need to go lime-less again!

Quite simply, you take lemons and/or limes and cut them up in slices or segments laying them on a cookie sheet or other flat surface that you can fit in your freezer. Obviously, you then put these trays into the freezer. Once the lemon/lime pieces are frozen you can transfer them to a suitable storage container.

Now you will always have lemon and lime on hand. The slices and segments don’t take very long to defrost if you need fresh juice and they make a wonderful alternative to ice cubes. I am particularly fond of a splash of red vermouth with a frozen lemon slice before supper, but I can be lured into enjoying a gin and tonic with a lime segment too. A jug of plain tap water is dressed up in no time with a few slices of citrus added. While they don’t make very good ice cubes, I include the end pieces of the lemons/limes when I am freezing them so that I always have zest on hand.