Here you will find the bumblings, mumblings, and rumblings of me, a Canadian girl named Bree.

I recently left the “Wet Coast” of Vancouver in exchange for the “Big Smoke” of Toronto. I traded in overwhelmingly grey and overcast days, in exchange for seasons of snowy cold or humid heat, and an MBA degree. It’s a busy time. While my schedule is packed, I know I need to keep connected to the simple things that bring me joy, the food that nourishes me, and the passion that will lead my course into the future. It is my intention to use this blog to help me maintain those connections.

All things considered, this blog is likely to focus on food (preserving, growing, cooking, eating, buying…) with pit-stops for quilting and a 1982 Honda Civic named Elvira. Hopefully there won’t be too many detours around MBA construction!

Welcome. Cheers. Smacznego. Kippis.