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I realized that I haven’t posted anything about the finished Plain Spoken quilt that I made. I actually finished it before leaving Vancouver and, thankfully, remembered to take some pictures before giving it away. It was a labor of love and long one at that but I am really happy with how it turned out. I think the next quilting project I take on will be decidedly smaller though. I was daydreaming about a beautiful tea cozy yesterday and that’s about the size of project I can handle.

Here it is. To give you an idea of the size, that’s my 5’10” Man of all Men modeling the quilt for us. I quilted it in a sort of wave or cloud pattern (depending on which way you look at it). I love the end result but it was a lot of work using a straight-stitch walking foot system.


My blog has started like most projects; off in a blaze of glory and excitement only to be trampled and quashed by the vagaries of life. Between moving, applying for business school (yes, I have a much more prosaic side to me that is not apparent in my love for preserving and pretty things), and madly attempting to finish my first real quilt.

I’m a do-er and the result of this is that I often have piles of unfinished projects lurking. It weighs on me and this spring I had to put aside the blog and get some things done. Who wants to complete their taxes and filing when there’s so much fun all around?

Today is the summer solstice and, as such, a perfect milestone to circle back to my blogging with renewed vigor. As a teaser, here is a picture of the quilt I am making. It’s still not complete but it’s much closer.

The pattern of this quilt is Plain Spoken, from the book “The Modern Quilt Workshop” by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. It’s a great book with some wonderful, modern quilt patterns and lots of advice for new quilters.